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Aug 11, 2013

Lindsey + Cameron…Engaged!

I've been so excited to blog this session! I got the amazing honor to fly down to Houston, TX to photograph my first engagement session. Holy moly was that amazing! Lindsey and Cameron are such amazing people. They have been through a lot as a young couple, with Cameron serving in Afghanistan. But, they prevailed and came out stronger than ever. And that my friends, is L-O-V-E.

They are so fun and wonderful to be around that they made this session a breeze! Which is what we really needed considering it was 95 degrees down there! Whew was it a scorcher! But we made it work, and I got to see my first two-step line dance ever! (Is that what it's called? You know what I mean). Thank you, Lindsey and Cameron, for giving me the honor of capturing this important moment in your life! And Cameron, on behalf of... pretty much everyone… thank you for your services in the Army! Love you both and I am so blessed to call you family :)

Bling bling! Look at that rock!

I love how much you love each other.

Lindsey & Cameron. Him & Her. You & I.

Um hello gorgeous eyes!

…because who doesn't love a fun, jumping picture?!

Houston has some great parks! Loved the locations picked.

America! Sporting the flag in honor of Cameron's service to our country. You rock, Cam. Thank you for your services and bravery!

Cowboy boots and trucks! Definitely in Texas!

You two are cute :)

Handsome man there.

The family all together! Introducing Bella & Daisy :)

Love you two & I can't wait to celebrate with you in April!!

Jul 2, 2013

Williams & Light Kids!

I had so much fun with this session! These are some of the cutest kiddies around, and they just happened to be my little cousins! With surprisingly very little melt downs (maybe that was due to the treat they were promised if they were good for the session) we were able to get some great shots. Since they don't live in Ohio I don't get to see these young chaps grow up day to day, so being with them for even this short amount of time is time that I cherish very much. Clay who is 10 now was only a young 5 years old when I lived with them in 2008 for a summer internship- time is really flying by way too fast! Enjoy it while you can people, tomorrow will be here before you know it! Thank you Jen, Curt, Amy & Marty for asking me to capture this age. These kids are a joy to be around and I can't for the next time we are all together again! I think it's time I book another trip down to NC :)

Side note: That red hair is alllllll natural baby!! :)

Everybody scream!!

How stink'n adorable is this? I mean really??

Three girls!

Siblings! Just look at those faces!

Big sister love!

That face will just melt your heart

The boys…aka...Cutest gingers EVER

Love this… can't get over the cuteness

These two were cracking me up. I mean look at those faces and that red hair!

OMGosh, those blue eyes with that hair. Will is going to be breaking some hearts when he gets older!

Bear hugs for Grandma!

Big sister teaching little sister… Love. It. 

May 15, 2013

Meet Robert Thomas!

A few weeks ago I was welcomed into the house of a really great family. Matt & Erin are new parents to an ADORABLE baby boy, Robert. Congratulations you two! You have a beautiful family and I feel honored to have been asked to capture this special moment in your lives. Robert is lucky to have such amazing parents like you :)

Baby's just have the cutest feet!

Oh hey, Robert!

Sweet boy. He's definitely going to be a charmer!

UC onesie, A gift from Uncle Jason!

Apr 15, 2013

Evelyn + Family

This past weekend I got to photograph an amazing family for the second time! I work with Stacie who just had her 2nd baby, Evelyn, aka…Lil E :) Stacie and her husband Jason are incredibly kind people and I feel honored that they invited me into their home to photograph this joyous moment in their lives. Stacie, Jason and Clara, congratulations on your new, beautiful & healthy baby girl!!

Precious Evelyn.

Man this kid is lucky to have such an amazing mother like you, Stacie!

Clara is such a GREAT big sis!

There's just something about a new baby in her/his father's arms. Comfort. Safety.

You can always tell a good father when you see one. I say again, this kid is a lucky one!

The love and compassion is so evident.

A mother's joy around her new born is so pure and raw.

Beautiful girls :)

Capturing some alone time between a mother and her newborn is my absolute favorite moment to capture. It's natural, it's not posed, it's just real.

Family of 4! :)

Apr 3, 2013

Rob & Carrie Maternity!

I had the pleasure of traveling to Columbus, OH to take maternity pictures for two amazing people, Rob & Carrie. I met Carrie through my sister's close friend because Carrie is her older sister… did you get that connection?? At any rate, Carrie & Rob are expecting this spring and I couldn't be more happy for them. They were very easy going and very welcoming to me as we went on to explore Columbus for the shoot.

Carris & Rob, thank you for allowing me to come into your home and being so patient during the session! Congratulations on your soon to be bundle of joy!!

This baby is lucky to be born into such an amazing family :)

Train tracks: a metaphor for the future ahead for Rob & Carrie perhaps?

Moneyyyyy Shotttttt :) My fave!

You two make a great couple :)

It will be here before you know it, Carrie!

Thank you again for being so wonderful during the session!